Xiaojun Cao

Dr. Xiaojun Cao

Georgia State University

Email: Cao@gsu.edu


Dr. Cao is  Director of Graduates studies in Computer Science Department of Georgia State University. His group conducts research primarily on architectures, protocols, signaling control, and performance evaluation in optical/wireless networks. One of the research projects is to design multi-granular switching frameworks for the optical backbone and metropolitan networks. The focus is on studying novel techniques and algorithms, which put traffic at where the bandwidth is; groom and group data traffic in multiple layers including the wavelength-division multiplexing layer; and use the individual wave of light to transmit data. In this way, the bandwidth demands from the increasing Internet users and applications can be satisfied while the challenges of the scalability, node size, and complexity of traditional approaches can be addressed.

In another project, Dr. Cao’s group investigates how to design effective survivability techniques for the network. In particular, network protection and restoration studies are critical in the design and operation of the backbone networks due to the huge amount of traffic carried in the lightpath or fiber on any given link. Ideally, the users and applications should see reliable and non-interrupted network services. Hence, transparent, proactive and reactive strategies are designed to take traffic grooming, lightpath grouping, and cross-layer interactions into consideration.

Dr. Cao is also working on the development of a new switching and Internet architecture employing wire and wireless technologies to support trustworthy, scalable services and choice-based applications. The study is aimed at finding highly scalable, reliable, and secure solutions to deploy future Internet so that the Internet can sustain tomorrow’s change and convergence of telecommunications, wired networks, wireless networks, and other technologies.