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Cybersecurity Matricies Workshop

  • Georgia State University Buckhead Center room 1212 (map)
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Governmental agencies, private corporations, and individuals around the globe employ a wide range of technical tools and security policies in effort to reduce their probability of becoming victims of cybercrime. Nevertheless, due to the relative scarcity of rigorous evidence regarding the effectiveness of security tools and policies in preventing and mitigating cybercrime incidents,  the cybersecurity community is still in the dark regarding the centrality of different policies and tools to their organizations security posture. One of the underlying reasons behind the scarcity of empirical research in this area is the absence of universally accepted measurement metrics, that allow organizations with practical tools for assessing the effectiveness of security controls and policies. The goal of this workshop is to bring together cybersecurity practitioners, academics and, policy makers in effort to develop a list of cybersecurity matrices that could be used by the industry when developing assessments of cybersecurity interventions. The workshop organizers will work toward dissemination and publications of the list of agreed upon cybersecurity matrices in both academia and industry

Target audience and participants:

cybersecurity experts from both academia and the industry, CISO’s in large and mid-size private and public organizations, cybersecurity policy analysts in governmental agencies and law enforcement agencies


8:30     Breakfast  

9:00      Dr. David Maimon, Director Center for Evidence Based Cybersecurity, Georgia State University   

9:30      Dr. Bill Sabol, Former Director of Bureau of Justice Statistics, Georgia State University  

10:00    Dr. Benoit DuPont, Director of Smart Cybersecurity Network Université de Montréal 

10:30    Break

10:45    Group discussions

Group 1: Cybersecurity measures in the context of Fintech

Group 2: Cybersecurity measures in the context of government

Group 3: Cybersecurity measures in the context of Schools

Group 4: Cybersecurity measures in the context of Large and Mid-size Business

Group 5: Cybersecurity measures in the context of Law Enforcement

Group 6: Cybersecurity measures in the context of Health Technology

12:30    Lunch  

1:15      Group discussions

Group 1: Cybersecurity measures and policies

Group 2: Cybersecurity measures and policies

Group 3: Cybersecurity measures and policies

Group 4: Cybersecurity measures and tools

Group 5: Cybersecurity measures and tools

Group 6: Cybersecurity measures and tools  

2:30      Group discussions summaries

3:15      Conclusion

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Evidence-Based Cybersecurity

  • Georgia State University Buckhead Center room 1212 (map)
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Cyber-dependent crimes are offenses that can only be committed by using a computer, computer networks, or other forms of Information and Communication Technology, and include hacking, distribution of malware and DDoS attacks. These attacks have become a common global problem. Acknowledging the potential risks these crimes pose to large organizations (both governmental and private) and to private Internet users’ privacy, many efforts are devoted to developing technical tools and official policies designed to prevent and mitigate the consequences of cyber-attacks against organizations and individuals. But despite the growing number of individuals and organizations that implement these tools and policies on their computing environments, the effectiveness of these strategies in preventing and mitigating the occurrence of malicious cyber activities is still relatively unclear. The symposium participants will present the key principles of the evidence-based cybersecurity approach, while demonstrating the potential effectiveness it carries in guiding policy efforts and shaping the design of technical tools that aim to prevent and mitigate the consequences of cybercrime. In parallel to the symposium, we will host a mini Hackathon in which GSU students and other interested crackers are encouraged to participate!

To register for the symposium (registration fee $55) click here: https://secure.touchnet.com/C20797_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=1959

To register for the Hackathon (free registration) send an email to EBCybersec@gmail.com


8:30 registration and breakfast

9:00 Deans Wallace and Phillips opening statements

9:10 Dr. Donald Hunt – On the effectiveness of Existing Cybersecurity
Policies and Tools in Preventing Cyber Crime

9:40 Dr. David Maimon – Evidence based cybersecurity: A Human Focused Approach to Protect the Cyber Environment.

10:30 Dr. Richard Baskerville- Evidence Based Cybersecurity and Its Potential in Shifting the Attacker-Defenders Asymmetry

11:30 Break-lunch

12:30 Evidence based cybersecurity in the context of the Fin tech industry-A Panel in the participation of local CISOs and Compliance officers.

1:45 Closing remarks

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