Dr. Alastair Wilson

University of Birmingham


Alastair Wilson works in the emerging subfield of Metaphysics of Science, a branch of philosophy that takes advantage of contemporary scientific discoveries to help answer ancient questions about the underlying nature of reality. Having studied Physics and Philosophy at the University of Oxford and pursued postdoctoral research at Monash University, he moved to the University of Birmingham where he is currently Senior Lecturer and Head of Philosophy. From January 2018, he will be Principal Investigator on a major project on explanation in physics, funded by a €1.5m European Research Council Starting Grant. This project, FraMEPhys, will explore how physics helps us to understand the world in ways that go beyond the familiar model of causal explanation, and will cast light on some of the deepest puzzles of physics including the role of spacetime in explaining the motion of matter, the behaviour of ‘time-travelling’ systems in the presence of closed timelike curves, and the mysterious connections between entangled quantum systems.