Evidence-Based Cyber Security


Evidence-Based Cyber Security

    An Interdisciplinary Research Group in Georgia State University



Symposium and Hackathon on October 12th, 2018.

The symposium participants will present the key principles of the evidence-based cybersecurity approach, while demonstrating the potential effectiveness it carries in guiding policy efforts and shaping the design of technical tools that aim to prevent and mitigate the consequences of cybercrime. In parallel to the symposium, we will host a mini Hackathon in which GSU students and other interested crackers are encouraged to participate!

To register for the symposium (registration fee $55) click here: https://secure.touchnet.com/C20797_ustores/web/product_detail.jsp?PRODUCTID=1959

To register for the Hackathon (free registration) send an email to EBCybersec@gmail.com

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